New Hearing Discount Offers Essential Health Savings to Union Members

The updated Union Plus Hearing Care Program offers high-demand health savings to union members and their families. Union Plus’ partnership with Your Hearing Network, a nationwide hearing health care network, gives members access to skilled hearing care professionals and exclusive discounts.

Hearing loss is a common health issue that affects 48 million Americans, and hearing loss on the job affects many union members—24% of hearing loss is attributed to workplace exposure. The program, which is free for union members and our families, helps reduce hearing care costs by over 40%. Program benefits include a free hearing exam, one year of follow-up care and a three-year manufacturer’s warranty (including loss and damage coverage, hearing aid batteries and more).

Union members and our families, including parents, also receive exclusive discounts on high-performance hearing aids—members save hundreds of dollars on a wide selection of affordable hearing aids.

Getting help for hearing loss is essential, and, critically, now it’s accessible. Research has shown that people who have untreated hearing loss are more likely to be depressed and have cognitive issues, memory problems and increased medical costs. The good news is that hearing aids can reverse those issues. Visit to learn about the Union Plus Hearing Care Program.